Sunday, October 23, 2005


So this was pretty much the biggest thing I've ever knitted (knit?) besides sweaters and holy mackeral did it take a long freakin' time. It's a really neat pattern and everyone seems to be making it right now but I'm not sure that I'll use it all that often. Sure it's nice for wrapping up in on the couch but I don't really know if I'd ever wear it in public. I might, who knows. It just makes me feel sorta like a grandma, but then again so does knitting.

I used Noro's Shinano. I think it took about 5 skeins. It was pretty mindless knitting once I got the pattern down and it was always exciting to get to the next dropped stitch. I really wanna make another one in the recommended yarn (Lion and Lamb) but I'd have a hard time justifying spending $90 if I'm not even gonna use it.


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