Wednesday, February 15, 2006


so carrie (my sister) is big into gymnastics and her team had a meet in arizona last weekend. usually i don't go to her meets because a) i work and b) they're boring (jk, carrie). but since this meet was in AZ and i've never been, i thought it would be nice to go. i also have a cousin and uncle who live there which i haven't seen in a while. anyways, i left raleigh friday evening and go to phoenix around 2 AM our time. oof. carrie didn't know i was coming so i tried to come up with this great plot to surprise her that entailed sneaking around and whispering and knocking on doors and all that great stuff. well when we got to the hotel she was, of course, already asleep. so that plan didn't work out so well. why am i telling you about this? i'm not sure so i'll stop.

anyways, phoenix was really nice. the city itself is very, very flat without any trees (aside from palms) which is SO strange. i mean, duh, it's the desert and trees don't do well there, but it's just so different when there's no greenery around. that and people had front lawns made of gravel. my cousin yelled at me when i walked through her "yard" because now she was going to have to rake the gravel. bahaha. yes, that's a picture of her front yard.

we also drove up to sedona which is further north. it's closer to the grand canyon so the landscape there had lots of those beautiful red rock formations. i didn't get any good pics so i stole this one from the internet (which is legal if i say it's stolen, right?).

i also got a loooot of knitting done on the planes and layovers during the trip. i started working on raspy and since i'm anti gauge swatch, i didn't do one. i just doubled the number of stitches it says to cast on and began knitting in the round (plain stockinette). i got a good 6 inches during the trip. last night, for kicks, i slipped it on some longer needles so i could put it around my waist and see how big it was. tonight i will be ripping it all out and starting over. enough said.


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