Wednesday, February 15, 2006

on having the best bf ever!

so dan and i decided we weren't going to do much for valentine's day this year because we just had our 3 yr anniversary, christmas, and his birthday so we were pretty much all gifted out. instead we had a dinner of wine, cheese, and sushi at home. i thought it was very cute and had fun. he did get me one little present though...about 10 rows...of a scarf...THAT HE KNIT HIMSELF! i was majorly impressed. i've been bugging him for forever to let me teach him to knit cuz all i've ever wanted to do in life is sit on the couch watching house and knitting with him. aww. well he finally broke down and learned. he even stole a pair of my needles and my S 'n' B book. told ya he was crafty. ;)

oh! and i finally got my christmas present! again! dan got me a pair of cowboy boots for christmas but they were late so i got them around new years. they didn't fit. so we returned them and got a different size (and style). 3 weeks later we got those. they fit but had some stitching missing from the top. returned those. a month later we got the new pairt. FINALLY. now i'm worried they're too big. oi. maybe i'm just not used to big shoes, but when i wear them i feel like i've huge clown feet (which isn't a good thing, although it is funny).

and yes those flowers are in a sports/water bottle. one of these days i'll buy a vase.


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