Thursday, February 16, 2006

superbowl, house, grey's anatomy, lost

what do all those tv shows have in common?

i worked on these projects during all of them (which is a good 6 hours of knitting) and all i have is this:

sorta pathetic, i know. i'm having a hard time with this cotton yarn. it's SO unforgiving when it comes to uneven tension and i am definitely the queen of wonky stitches. i'm hoping that when i wash and dry the sweater all that unevenness will magically disappear and i'll be left with a gorgeous, machine-made looking piece of perfection. ha.

btw, i'm using color silk garden #224 for the wrap. the colors in my pics are a bit off and look more "bleh" than they do in real life. hopefully i can get a picture thats fairly accurate soon.


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