Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I was never really that big of a sock knitter until I realized, "Hey! If I say I'm going to knit socks, that allows me to buy more yarn!" So, I bought lots of sock yarn and kept telling myself I'd knit some socks because, well, I had lots of sock yarn. Last year I tried my first socks, I don't really remember what the pattern was, but this was before I learned magic loop and was trying to struggle with dpns. I got fed up with that, ripped the socks out, and put them away for about six months. I finally learned how to do magic loop just so it would be easier to try socks and I tried again. This time I tried a toe-up pattern using some Cherry Tree Hill. The yarn was great and everything was going smoothly until I got to the heel. I tried to knit that stupid heel about 20 times, couldn't get it, ripped the sock out and put it away again for another six months (have you figured out yet how I deal with problems?).

Then I tried again and it fiiiiiinally clicked and I had my first finished socks. I dunno where it is. It doesn't have a partner, it's boring stockinette and it's too short. But it's a sock! From there I made a pair of Jaywalkers, Knitty's Monkeys, and so far, one Pomatomus.
(Blogger is not working right now so I'm having trouble uploading photos. More when the internet starts working again.


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