Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lace Leaf Pullover

This was a super fast, easy project. The pattern came from Teva Durham's book Loop-D-Loop although I got the pattern out of the summer edition of Interweave. The suggested yarn was super elusive so instead I used 2 strands of worsted weight yarn held together. One was Araucania Nature Wool in color 27 and the other was some green wool by Patons. It worked out really well because the 2 strands of worsted got pretty much the same guage as the recommended yarn. I also changed the pattern around a bit so I could knit in the round because i haaaate purling. I'm pretty happy with the final product but it's still not exactly like the one in the magazine. I always seem to have these romantic ideas of how a pattern will turn out and how once I make them and wear them I'll automatically have the same allure and wistful look as the models in the books. It rarely turns out that way, though. I usually end up in some weird pose looking a bit, well, off.


So this was pretty much the biggest thing I've ever knitted (knit?) besides sweaters and holy mackeral did it take a long freakin' time. It's a really neat pattern and everyone seems to be making it right now but I'm not sure that I'll use it all that often. Sure it's nice for wrapping up in on the couch but I don't really know if I'd ever wear it in public. I might, who knows. It just makes me feel sorta like a grandma, but then again so does knitting.

I used Noro's Shinano. I think it took about 5 skeins. It was pretty mindless knitting once I got the pattern down and it was always exciting to get to the next dropped stitch. I really wanna make another one in the recommended yarn (Lion and Lamb) but I'd have a hard time justifying spending $90 if I'm not even gonna use it.

First Post!

So I was never really into the whole "blog" thing because it makes me think of those online diaries where emo kids always talk about their feelings and how their parents don't understand them and how they're sad and all that crap. But my blog is gonna be different--it will be absolutely feeling-less and I won't talk about how this kid made mean eyes at me today now I wanna die. No, my blog is going to be a place where I can talk about knitting and knitting related things and where I can show off my finished things. Actually that's probably not true. I'll start out all cynical and anti-blog in the beginning but I'm sure that eventually I'll realize how liberating it is to be able to talk about one's feelings anonymously and then I'll probably start talking about my feelings and how my parents don't understand me. Ah well. And I'm just kidding emo kids, you guys are still cool. :-p